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Heavy duty rotationally-moulded coolers have been around for quite some time. Way back in the days, the roto-molded cooler once started out as a simple icebox for seafood transportation. Local market vendors also used them to keep their food and veggies cool throughout the day. As time went on, modifications were made to make them longer-lasting, more user-friendly, and tougher in all aspects.


Our roto-molded coolers are made of polyethelene plastic resin and are filled with 1.5 to 3.0 inches of high-pressure injected polyurethane foam. This allows maximum ice-retention of up to 7 days!


These bad boys are the best companion when you are roaming the outdoors. With strong built-in design for multi-function purposes, you can always rely on the quality whether you’re using them as a fresh storage for a long camping trip or just a simple BBQ picnic with friends and family.


The 7 Wonders That Are America’s National Parks To Visit Before You Die

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Politics aside, if there’s one thing America doesn’t need to make “great again” it’s its national parks, along with the system that was founded to oversee and preserve the country’s greatest treasures.

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